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First time that I was stopped by a train-crossing boom while driving, so I asked my sister to take a picture using my phone. 

Gang visited yesterday. Reminisced, pigged out and caught up with one another’s dailies. Good times.

You took everything while I was staring at the sun.

You took everything while I was staring at the sun.

School of Dragons - How to Train Your Dragon official browser game on PC! :)

Week in collage.

I’ve been out of tumblr for awhile. Though I do check my dashboard every other day or so. The number of followers have been dropping like hell, but what do I care? Those who stayed from day one are still there and I love you guys. 

Been busy with trainings and such. Yep, pursuing EMT na. Yay. First steps into being a paramedic. Ya’ll know how I hate working in a hospital because of the repetitiveness of work. Plus I’m looking for that Adrenalin rush you get when accidents happen, when you are rescuing people. The challenge of saving as many lives as possible.

Hello father Dave. 

Guess what I got?


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