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To Future Girlfriend

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So kanina, our PYM president asked us to attend a seminar regarding purity and chastity. Go naman ako kaagad, never knowing what was in store for us. The speaker was so-so, medyo nakakantok yung talk like the usual. Ang hindi ko ineexpect eh yung Pledge of Purity. I was like, what? Bakit may pledge? kala ko seminar lang? Anyway, all the same, ganun naman yung balak ko dati pa - pero this one, it’s like a contract with Him. :O 

Yung candle nga pala - ibibigay namin for that special someone na mapapangasawa on our honeymoon. Oha. Sana hindi ko mawala o masindihan accidentally - help me God.

Hi, nasaan ka na ba? Kasi naman eh, antagal tagal mong dumating. Baka mainip ako at ituloy na lang ang pagpapari niyan, sige ka.

LOL, just joking. I’ll wait, even though it’ll take sometime. I know it will be worth it. Just wish time would fly and fast forward to the day that we’d meet. Ugh, the duration’s killing me. I want to hold you in my arms now, and never let you go. I want to count the days with you. I want to grow old, and be happy with you. I want to do all those things. Sigh.

Take care love. See you soon.

That day we’ll meet is drawing near, and I can feel it. Nature is announcing your presence; the rustling of the leaves, the chirping of the birds, even the smell of the wind - everything’s different. I’m looking forward to seeing you soon.

Venice, Italy

I’ll make sure that even just once, during our lives, we would be able to have a romantic ride on a Gondola in Venice. This, plus the lovely tour I would be planning for you in Europe.

First of all, I don’t know if I really would be having a girlfriend in the future, so this would be a pretty much hypothetical post. Anyway, here we go!

  • I chose you because you are different. Unique. A prize among the rest. 
  • Making you feel loved and cared for would be my priority. 
  • I’ll make a poem, which contains everything I feel for you, and will recite it in front of our mutual friends.
  • Kisses on the forehead would be plenty. 
  • Expect late night phone and video calls.
  • Your family is my family. And likewise. 
  • Holding your hands is a must.
  • Hugs from behind are necessary.
  • Matching clothes ftw.
  • We’d go on kiddie dates - amusement parks, arcades, balloons and chocolates.
  • Camping beneath the stars would be an annual activity. Planning for the future is included
  • Know that I will put you above all, even above my family and career. - Which I know is bad, but that’s how I perceive things should be. Personal friends of mine know this. I would give up everything for the one I love.

If ever I would be having you in the future, that is.

I’d find one of these streets, take my would be girlfriend there, and propose to her. 

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